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Our custom plans make it easy to get the protection you need at a price you can afford. We specialize in working with property management companies, investors, and small businesses. As a business owner, you know how important it is to find a reliable, professional vendor that gets the job done and allows you to stay focused on what’s really important — growing your business.

Our Pest control services currently covers the following pests year round
(Rodents/Wildlife can be quoted free of charge.)
• Cockroaches
• Ants
• Silverfish
• Earwigs
• Millipedes
• Centipedes
• Wasps

Our technicians can service your account on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly schedule. With most cases, we recommend monthly visits to ensure all pest monitoring and sanitation practices are in good standing. With our Pest Defense Program, all visits and treatments regarding the covered pests in between scheduled inspections are 100% free.

We believe if you are not satisfied in our program you have every right to cancel, this is why we value customer relationships and aim to provide the highest quality service within the industry. All of our programs are on a no contract no hassles service agreement with the option to cancel at anytime given a 30 days notice.


From a small office to an industrial facility, Alex Pest Control can handle rodent infestations of any scale. We inspect all areas of concern, and implement an action plan to target the rodents without disturbing daily functions and employees.

  • We provide a thorough inspection of your facility focusing on possible entry points, sanitation control and structural issues.
  • Identify the type of rodent you are experiencing.
  • Identify the corrective measures including sanitation and structural conditions.
  • Provide a customized site strategy designed to provide follow up visits ensuring your stations are maintained and effective at all times.
  • A site placement analysis to determine the correct placement of rodent stations with focus on fast elimination, effective control, and minimal visual impact to your employees and customers.
  • A pricing structure that is affordable with billing options to meet your needs.
  • A warranty plan that gives you peace of mind knowing that your problem will be solved.


For hotels, offices or anywhere these pests may be hiding, Alex Pest Service utilizes the latest and safest methods to get rid of bed bugs permanently. After years of virtually disappearing from the hospitality industry and commercial settings, the bed bug is once again showing up in exclusive hotels, moving trucks, airplanes, apartments and schools. Bed bugs aren’t considered to be dangerous since they have not been shown to transmit disease. But these small, night-time, blood feeding insects can damage your reputation and your bottom line.

• We will Identify the problem and the extent of the infestation.
• Communicate what initial preparations must be done before service.
• Use specialized equipment and safe products, discretely eliminating the problem.
• Clean up after our service, leaving your facility appearing untouched.
• Provide a follow up service with planned return and treatment applications.
• Back our work with an industry leading warranty.

Please note, unmarked vehicles can be provided upon request for the treatment of bed bugs.

Termite Programs

Currently we serve the following industries:

• Medical Office & Labs
• Restaurants
• Builder pre treats
• Rental property
• Commercial Properties
• Apartment Complexes
• Groceries & Supermarkets
• School & Day Care Facilities

If you don’t see your industry listed above, call us. We will customize a commercial pest program that fits your business needs .

Termites are more than a nuisance; they’re dangerous to your business and structures because termites can cause extensive damage which, in return, causes a loss of money.


• We will Inspect your facility to determine potential active sites for termites on the inside and outside.
• We will provide sanitation recommendation which, if followed will keep termites away.


  • We apply a unique highly concentrated liquid microbial formulation that feeds on organic matter. Treatments will focus on potential breeding grounds like garbage areas, processing and preparation stations, dish washing areas, floor drains, and food storage areas.
  • The installation of UV light traps will reduce the customer sightings of adult flies. This is essential in kitchens and food receiving areas. Our technicians will monitor all fly lights to indicate the amount and species of flies being captured.


• We will maintain and monitor your property yearly and re-apply products as needed.


• We recommend yearly visits to identify problems before they increase into infestations.

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